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We’re in THE growth industry. Gardens and the plants in them are critically important to human health and well-being. Yet gardens all over the world are being challenged as never before to prove their importance and continuing relevance.

Passionate devotees of public gardens often struggle to meet that challenge. “Plant blindness” requires that stories be told, awareness raised, and engagement created. Capacity issues prevent stories from being told effectively and with impact. Resource and staff limitations create management and operational issues that function as roadblocks to moving forward.

Making the case, powering through problems, creatively approaching the issue du jour—this is some of what we do to empower the gardens we work with to achieve their objectives and excite their visiting public. We can’t do it alone. We need you.

Let’s talk about your passions. Better than that, let’s spread them. Unshared passion equals frustration. Shared passion creates energy and propels things forward. Feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate to make it happen.

Specialties: Creative big picture thinking; crafting digital stories to convey and incite passion; photography, writing, editing; creative direction, making connections; high-level relationships; team-building and collaboration; strategizing for success; business and operational management. AND plants, collections, and curation.