Published in Public Garden!

We’re very pleased to announce that photographs from Carlo Balistrieri Photography were selected for the cover, and center spread of the American Public Garden Association’s magazine, Public Garden. 

The cover image, featuring macro-detail of Zinnia flower parts, was shot outdoors from a cut-flower bouquet purchased at a local farm stand.

The center spread is a photographed of fasciated Rudbeckia flowers taken in a meadow at the Royal Botanical Gardens-Canada in Hamilton, Ontario.

In all my years of gardening/botanizing, these are perhaps the most beautiful flowers affected by fasciation that I’ve seen.And yes, this shot on the director’s page is mine as well:

…featuring one of the fabulous Bulbophyllum…this one formerly a Cirrhopetalum. Ain’t nature grand?

If you have any image needs, I’d love to discuss them with you!

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