Merry Christmas from Mt.Cuba Center!

My. Cuba Center got its presents out in perfect timing for the holidays! If you’re on their list and you’ve been nice (powdery mildew to you naughty ones), you will soon be receivingtheir brand new research report on Monarda! A must read for the genus, especially in the targeted mid-Atlantic region, the study involved 40+ selections over three years. Overall performance and powdery mildew resistance were the key factors.

The report, another yeoman’s effort from research horticulturist George Coombs, has a terrific introduction to this popular genus, sections on garden culture, powdery mildew and pollinators in addition to…the results!

I’m not going to steal Mt.Cuba’s thunder by leaking their results and recommendations. You simply have to get your hands on their attractively put together report. While you’re at it, don’t forget they’ve given similar attention to Baptisia and other genera. Fantastic–and useful–work from one of America’s garden treasures.

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