The Botanical Gardening Group (BG²) is passionate about gardens and plants. We champion the relevance and importance of public gardens in today's world and are here to help keep them strong by solving problems, dealing with issues, and creating opportunities. We work with you on the business of being a public garden. How do we do it? As one of the five "C's":

Consultant   Collaborator   Creative   Catalyst   and sometimes, Cajoler

palm house and sculpture at the Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, OH carlo_120620_0236

The John E. Wolfe Palm House at Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Columbus Ohio

BG² helps its partners to successful resolution of issues and grabbing of opportunities in the areas of management, collections and curation, horticulture, planning, garden design, communications, programming, event planning and management, new projects/restorations/preservation, and best practices.

We realize that the world is flooded with consultants of every stripe and we're pleased and honored that you are here. We can confidently state that you won't find a more unique palette of skills and experience to assist with your needs. Carlo A. Balistrieri is an attorney and has worked at some of the top gardens on the continent as a curator, head of horticulture, and director. As part of senior management, he has experience with boards, donors, staff, volunteers, visitors--all the stakeholders of a public garden. He has conceptualized, designed, budgeted, managed expectations, and executed. He is a photographer, writer, speaker and educator, and teaches in the Sustainable Urban Horticulture/Agriculture program at the University of Guelph in Ontario. For over a decade he has judged at the Philadelphia Flower Show and is now traveling the country judging for America in Bloom.

BG² is proud to be associated with a network of experts whose skills are brought to your projects on an as needed basis to provide just the right knowledge, talent, and skill to achieve the result you're looking for. The world is a better place for the gardens we share...and our goal is always to leave your garden a better place for the world.

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